The Benefits of

Gypsum Board


In South Africa we don’t often use gypsum boards, better known as dry wall, in our residential housing. However, it is very well used in business and work environments as a means of partitioning and creating separate work spaces. It is used to create offices and conference rooms, and it has great flexibility as well as every quick and easy instillation. There are a few benefits that go with the use of gypsum board.



Gypsum Boards


Gypsum board, or dry wall is made from calcium sulphate dehydrate. This is like a piece of board that is used as a wall or ceiling on the building’s interior. The material includes chemically combined water, and a paster and fiber mixture. This is done to strengthen the wall, make it fire resistant and reduces the growth of moulds. It has great benefits that make it a viable choice to use as a building material.



The Benefits of Gypsum Boards


Gypsum boards are great for many reasons, such as privacy, safety, and instillation. The structure of the board is a flexible one which allows for very quick and simpler instillation. The fact that is has compressed water means that it is able to resist catching on fire and burning because the water turns to steam. The board offers sound insulation as well as it can be sound proofed further for a more quiet and peaceful environment. The gypsum board allows for heat to be insulated in a room, thus, allowing for cost effective energy saving.



How Gypsum Board is installed


Installing gypsum board is done after all electrical's and piping has been placed. The gypsum board has simple installation, which requires a lot of accurate measuring beforehand to avoid costly mistakes. In a nutshell, the gypsum is screwed into place on the support beams. The wall is then mudded over which gives it a smooth blank finish. The wall is then taped over while the mud is wet as an extra means of reinforcement, which is the re-mudded the next day


Getting Gypsum Board


Does the idea of gypsum board sound exciting? Then why not include it in your next building venture? Get more information about gypsum boards and getting them from Supertec Ceilings.

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