The Advantages of

Raised Access Flooring


Access flooring serves many purposes, especially when applied to industrial or commercial facilities. They are essentially platforms with adjustable heights, creating a space beneath them called a plenum which can house different storage systems, wires and hardware, or can simple be used to create better airflow in indoor spaces. They are commonly used for server rooms where an excessive amount of wires and components need to be kept out of site and away from tripping distance, and airflow needs to be maintained and regulated. Of course there are plenty more applications for access flooring, and the way you use them will depend largely on your needs and preferences. Now that you know what they are used for, lets discuss some of the benefits associated with access or raised flooring..



Save Costs on Cooling


Since access flooring facilitates better airflow in the areas where they are used, they are an excellent solution for businesses that need to reduce their cooling costs. This is because they will make you less reliant on your air conditioners, fans and HVAC units which can result in mounting electricity bills relatively quickly.



Keeping Clutter Hidden


Facilities with plenty of wires, cables, and other miscellaneous objects lying around can attest to the eyesore that they create. Additionally, they may serve as tripping or falling hazards when left exposed. Furthermore, exposed installations are vulnerable to damages which can cause downtime and cost money. With access flooring there to hide them, however, you won’t be experiencing any of these challenges.



Easy Access to Installations


It’s all fine and well opting for a product that can hide facility installations like the ones mentioned above, but when it comes time for repairs, inspections, maintenance or adjustments, you’ll need to be able to gain access to them with relative ease. Few solutions aside from access flooring gives you fully adjustable access as well as the ability to conceal them when you are done.



Heavy Load Capacities


Access flooring is also well suited to bulky equipment and hardware since it has a strong structure that results in an incredibly high load capacity. In addition, they are also remarkably durable, and as such can make replacing tiles a much easier maintenance chore than through other solutions.



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