The new Solid Lock system caters for every possible flooring combination without requiring different components for every solution. It is therefore a free standing, screw down, bolt on and snap on flooring solution, that is suitable for anything from general office environments to heavy duty computer rooms.

A Higher Load Capacity

The Solid Lock access floor panels are structurally rigid linear assemblies fabricated from non-combustible components and consists of high hardness top steel sheet, welded to a deep drawing steel bottom section of domed formation. The underside of the panel shall consist of a specially designed four Corner self-locating and solid locking system. It has a 25 convex salient point structure. The panel has a # Type strengthening rib and a Star Shaped Dome Structure, all these additional design features result in the higher dimensional precision and panel strength. In addition to this the edges of the panel have a concaved strengthening rib to provide higher edge load capacity.


Innovating simplicity with strength and multifunctionality

In this world of ever increasing competition and constant rise of raw material and manufacturing costs; Supertec went out and found an alternative way to enhance our product performance without increasing cost. We therefore tasked our engineers to come up with a solution and after years of design and testing, we finally perfected the solid lock system which involved the redesign of the steel components of our access flooring system. This was achieved by maximizing the mechanical performance of every aspect of the floor panel as well as the pedestal base assembly without eliminating any steel. Today we have a system which has more strength due to its engineered design whilst keeping it simple, multifunctional and cost efficient.

The Under-Structure System

The Solid Lock Under-Structure System is generic to the Freestanding System, the Screw-Down System and the Snap-on Stringer System. The understructure is universal to all 3 grades of floors, ranging from standard to heavy duty floors. The system consists of a steel die formed, factory assembled head and base which is surface treated with a corrosion-resistant finish. This assembly is capable of supporting a minimum load of 22.5kN. The Under structure must comply with CISCA Section 5 of 2007 test procedures for Pedestal Axial load.


A corrosion resistant lock nut with an anti-rotation & vibration proof feature is provided to allow the

pedestal assembly to be adjusted over a range of 50mm (25mm up and 25mm down).

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