Safety When Working on

Man-Up Equipment


Many industrial processes require workers to use man-up lifts to reach high places when working in out-of-reach areas. This means that these processes come with a risk of falling accidents which can be utterly devastating; not only for their victims, but also for those companies where the work is being conducted. Because of this, it is important for all involved to have an understanding of basic safety principles when working from heights, doing so can mean the difference between life and death in some cases. So make sure that you are adhering to the following precautions whenever doing so.


Use the Correct PPE


All personnel who are expected to work from heights should have access to, and an understanding of how to correctly use personal protection equipment. Furthermore, this equipment should always be used when working. Any workers disregarding the need for safety equipment are putting themselves at risk of serious injury or even death.



Inspect Your PPE


Consistently using the right equipment is only part of the work. Personnel need to know that they can rely on their safety equipment to react properly in the event of an accident. Because of this, all equipment should be inspected before and after use, each time. In addition to this, time should be regularly set aside to go over all safety equipment to ensure that it provides the protective power that it needs to.



Know the Heights You are Working From


Even the best safety equipment in the world becomes utterly useless when it isn’t calibrated to the environment you are working from, and this is particularly true for PPE equipment that is used for working at heights. It sounds like it goes without saying, but you would be surprised how many falls end up in tragedy simply because working personnel didn’t accurately account for the height they are working at, and so didn’t adjust their PPE correctly.



Trust in Your Man-Up Equipment


Your man-up-lifts also need to be of the highest quality to ensure that they can be constantly operated safely. Failures when they are being used can result in serious injuries and damages, and so you need to not only source products you can trust, but should also regularly maintain and inspect them as well.

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