March 2020



The year is in full swing, but this time, with even more excitement as we begin a new decade. Although we may be a bit far off from the flying cars and robot companions that were predicted for the year 2020, we can definitely say that the past two decades have brought with them incredible change. We as a company have recently entered into our second decade of existence, so with all this talk of “decades and change” we decided to get together and ask ourselves a few tough questions in order to change for the better!


The first question that came up was…

How is our price?

Price is a “given!” From inception until now we are still arguably the best priced supplier in the market.


The second question was…

How is our quality?

Although we offer the best prices, we never compromise on quality. Through our strict manufacturing processes and procedures we ensure that the quality of our product always exceeds industry standards.


The third question was…

How is our service?

We pride ourselves in offering top notch service to our customers. We are constantly adding to our production lines, increasing capacity to ensure our customers always receive their stock on time. Not only do we manufacture our own line of products, but we are a distributor of most of the industry's leading brands, making the process of getting all you need to complete your project far simpler.


The final question was…

What more can we do?

The answer was quite simple. We need to make it easier for our customers to experience our “affordable prices, premium quality and exceptional service”.


One such demonstration of our commitment to our clients, shows itself in the launch of our brand-new branch in Strydompark, Randburg. Yes! You can now access all your favourite products at our new branch in Randburg. This takes our number of branches up to a total of six, the others being Alrode, Wynberg, Centurion, Troyeville & Cape Town. Through the launch of new branches and constant growth of our delivery fleet, we are committing to expanding our vast network in order to reach contractors all over Southern Africa.


In conclusion, with our customer centric approach, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to solve the challenges you will encounter. Let us always remember to ask the question “What am I doing to solve the challenges around me?” Let us become habitual problem solvers this year and do so with every shred of skill we have, so that come year-end, we can rest knowing that society is all the better because we made a difference.


We look forward to an impactful 2020


Yours in service excellence

The Supertec Directors


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